Exploration: You Do You

The drive into Phoenix is unexciting at best. I-10 is mostly flat, dusty, and for some absurd reason a two lane highway. All it takes is one accident and it becomes a parking lot. An innumerable amount of “God’s Watching You Masturbate” “He Died for You,” and “Are you going to Hell?” billboards dot the…

The One

My earliest memories hover around when I first experienced Self-awareness. Like a cloudy dream, I remember sitting on the floor in my parents’ kitchen with a gallon of milk. I needed two hands to lift the milk out of the refrigerator. It was heavy. I put a cup down on the floor and tried lifting…

Going Dark for Neon Metal

What is Neon Metal?

A postmodern fusion of science fiction/future oriented electronica and symphonic metal. The process of writing Neon Metal begins either on a piano and/or in a digital audio workstation and adds additional live instruments after that first step. I chose the word “Neon” to describe Vi’s brand of metal as it is often paired with the cyberpunk genre of fiction.

Little Evil Me

Little evil me. I’m tired of being pure. I wanna be bad.

I Dreamt Music

An incredible soundtrack by Vangelis that brings me to tears every time. It’s intensely beautiful. Certainly not to be missed.