Behind Invisible Weapons

Close your eyes. And repeat after me… Belief is strange. It has a magical quality that can completely transform reality if you buy into it. It’s so strange that if we’re told something enough times we might grow to adopt it as “Truth.” Even if that “Truth” is actually an invisible weapon disguised to hurt…

Highways of the Higher Self

I have had cars come and go in my life, and there’s one in particular that will always “be the one” for me. My dad and I flew down to Atlanta when I was thirteen to pick up a car in northern Florida. When I first laid eyes upon this beauty of a car I knew that I would never look at another car the same way again.

Saturnalian Echo Chamber

“No true orientation in life is possible without both pleasant and unpleasant sensations.” —P.D. Ouspensky I’ve been growing more and more skeptical of everything as of late. I question everything—it’s exhausting…and fruitful. I am constantly restless. I am hungry. Where was I this time last year? Not here. I want to look at the facts….

Keep Swimming

Excuse me while I do some thinking out loud. I don’t often say this, but I’ve been sad lately. I don’t mean a depressive–“I want to kill myself” sadness. I’ve just been sad. This probably sounds like an entitled first worlder having the blues over her materialistic life. I could see that. I assure you…

The Day I Left

It has been so long… In this bed of rust I have lain. No flowers to wreathe my beauty– I drowned in tears and barb-wire dreams. O! WITNESS! How the snow melting sands–scorch my heart. Melt my eyes. Blast my skin. Is that the Sun I hear? So far away! I love when the vultures…