Highways of the Higher Self

I have had cars come and go in my life, and there’s one in particular that will always “be the one” for me. My dad and I flew down to Atlanta when I was thirteen to pick up a car in northern Florida. When I first laid eyes upon this beauty of a car I knew that I would never look at another car the same way again.

Separation (Isolation) Rite, its Results, and a Moment of Xeper

I discuss at length the results of a rite I performed in February of 2015 and the effect it had on my Facial Feminization Surgery in Marbella, Spain.

Danse de la Victoire

In two days time I will be headed to the future to transform myself. I’ll be six hours ahead, in a little city on the Mediterranean once founded by Phonecians. I’m going to be having an extensive procedure done which will further manifest my subjective self into the objective universe. It’s been about eight years…

Killing Stasis Through Transformation–Exposing Ourselves to the Things That Oppose Us

Our universe is an objective universe that occupies time and space. Dr. Stephen Flowers, an expert on the occult, defines the objective universe as, “the natural cosmos or world order[…]ruled by certain predictable laws manifested in the time/space continuum.” (Flowers ch. 1) Infinite subjective universes exist within the objective universe. Dr. Flowers defines subjective universes…