Sometimes you just feel like painting how you feel. Digital art by Nikoletta Winters February 25th, 2018. Larger view HERE.

Behind Invisible Weapons

Close your eyes. And repeat after me… Belief is strange. It has a magical quality that can completely transform reality if you buy into it. It’s so strange that if we’re told something enough times we might grow to adopt it as “Truth.” Even if that “Truth” is actually an invisible weapon disguised to hurt…

Born on top of the giant wave

Seventy miles, And seventy more! I fight the coast with my feet Where I stand to cease Kissing the wind with my face. The daystar bruises, The sea it sprawls With every stroke–leverage. With every word a fight. Hookers are delightful in red, A crown of flowers The shallow stage And a boy who calls…

The Day I Left

It has been so long… In this bed of rust I have lain. No flowers to wreathe my beauty– I drowned in tears and barb-wire dreams. O! WITNESS! How the snow melting sands–scorch my heart. Melt my eyes. Blast my skin. Is that the Sun I hear? So far away! I love when the vultures…

Charlotte Lips and the Smell of Mutation

Life is best when it’s ever-changing. Mutation smells wonderful. It makes me misty all over with the eyes of transformation. Charlotte lips. Bring out the self I never knew. She, the living energy that gives me a sense of “selfness” lies slightly below the heart. A cloud of darkness–she dictates my everything. He is Leviathan….