Where Eagles Cry and Vultures Laugh

It’s nearly 3:00am in the morning and I feel compelled to be honest. It’s been a long while since I last posted here. And for good reason. Life isn’t quite the same after you’ve been opened up like a fish and put back together again. I spent over half a year in extreme, nauseating, endless,…

Why You Shouldn’t Share

Once upon a time, it was transgressive to socialize via the World Wide Web. But much to the chagrin of our Baby Boomer overlords, Internet culture has gone mainstream. And with it going mainstream, all of the horrors of the actual world have slowly begun to seep into the bloodstream of the medium like sepsis poisoning the body from the inside out.


I went walking on a whim late last night by mySelf. Part of downtown Tucson is incredibly dark and lifeless. I walked past a few sketchy, notably drunk individuals. “Hi,” one said. Keep walking. The other side of downtown was hopping like it was Friday night. There was a huge line at 191 Toole to…

Saturnalian Echo Chamber

“No true orientation in life is possible without both pleasant and unpleasant sensations.” —P.D. Ouspensky I’ve been growing more and more skeptical of everything as of late. I question everything—it’s exhausting…and fruitful. I am constantly restless. I am hungry. Where was I this time last year? Not here. I want to look at the facts….

Keep Swimming

Excuse me while I do some thinking out loud. I don’t often say this, but I’ve been sad lately. I don’t mean a depressive–“I want to kill myself” sadness. I’ve just been sad. This probably sounds like an entitled first worlder having the blues over her materialistic life. I could see that. I assure you…