Mana-sama from Malice Mizer & Moi Dix Mois. This was super fun to make.

Why You Shouldn’t Share

Once upon a time, it was transgressive to socialize via the World Wide Web. But much to the chagrin of our Baby Boomer overlords, Internet culture has gone mainstream. And with it going mainstream, all of the horrors of the actual world have slowly begun to seep into the bloodstream of the medium like sepsis poisoning the body from the inside out.

Magical Lies: Reflecting on the Tough Questions—an NLP Belief Exercise

Below are my personal reflections on a series of questions given to me in a course I’m taking to increase my competency in the field of Neurolinguistic Programming. I had a fantastic time answering these. Feel free to answer them for yourself! You might be surprised what you discover about your style of thinking and…

A Martian on Mars

There’s something to be said about feeling “foreign.” I will always be a foreigner. It’s part of the experience of human existence to feel like a stranger in a strange land. I’m a Martian wherever I go. Even on Mars.

The Wyrding Way

“He who knows (the Dao) does not (care to) speak (about it); he who is (ever ready to) speak about it does not know it. He (who knows it) will keep his mouth shut.” -Lao Tzu There’s something to be said about what brings people to the point of joining the Temple of Set. Self-improvement,…

Remember When

Reanimate cognition And bring yourSelf into new fire Return to suffer Without limbs! Without fever! Climb out onto the dusty rings of Saturn And reanimate cognition Frozen… Without limbs! Without fever! There I heard the secret words: “NOSTOS!” She whispered. “ALGOS!” He cried. Were the good times then? If only I had known while I…