Why You Shouldn’t Share

Once upon a time, it was transgressive to socialize via the World Wide Web. But much to the chagrin of our Baby Boomer overlords, Internet culture has gone mainstream. And with it going mainstream, all of the horrors of the actual world have slowly begun to seep into the bloodstream of the medium like sepsis poisoning the body from the inside out.I’m not insinuating that the Internet used to be some kind of magical utopia. The horrors of human existence have always had a presence here. The difference is that instead of simply being able to witness beheadings, murder, mayhem, and all around general human cruelty, these things have since been caused as a result of humans interfacing with one another over a stable connection to the Web.

The power of the word is stronger than ever. And often times all it takes is 140 characters or less to compel an individual to horrific action.

The delusion of Self-importance is at an all time high. Posting photos of yourself isn’t interesting to anyone but you. It’s like throwing a huge party for a baby turning one. It’s more about the parents than it is for the kid. The kid won’t even fucking remember their first birthday. He won’t remember plunging his hands into his store bought birthday cake or making a mess in his high chair. He won’t remember smearing a mushy mix of yellow cake and white frosting across his face. And he definitely won’t remember that he did it in front of forty tipsy adults trying to tie one on. The internet will remember it though. Because it’ll be posted everywhere by half the people who witness it through the lenses of their $1500 smartphones. And one day, when this baby grows up, he’ll be able to witness the thing he once did as an experience outside of himself. Far removed from the space and the time that he originally experienced it.

The thing of greatest value to a human isn’t money or what money can buy. It’s experience—and the triumph of living through something unique in experiencing.

This is part of the reason why gender has been at the forefront of what it is to be human for as long as there have been humans. It’s also why gender is such a hot button topic in the present. People like collecting experiential good guy badges in an effort to put them on display to other individuals doing the same. In laymen’s terms we call this a dick measuring contest.

So what that you’ve experienced a tough gender transition? Anyone that’s ever felt uncomfortable in their own skin goes through that experience. And guess what? That’s all of us. All of us feel like disgusting space aliens at one time or another. You aren’t special. Your experience isn’t special. Don’t lead off every conversation with the patented “I’m trans…” line. It’s already apparent. Nobody cares. Nothing to see here. Get on with your life by living it the way you see fit. And if someone tries to tell you that you can’t do it, do it anyway.

Run off and join a suicide cult. Jump out of an airplane and parachute over the Himalayas. Climb a volcano. Do all the drugs. Raise a kitten. All these experiences and more are yours for the taking. And they become more valuable and rare when you keep them to yourself.

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