The Star

Dear Seekers,

Behold, the glorious artwork that is “The Star” from the Black Flame Tarot.

I’ve been drawing this card frequently in readings for mySelf and clients. I resonate with this art greatly. I wonder—what is she doing? The containers she appears to be using are not influenced by the force of gravity. Instead, they float in space and serve as vessels for stars to be collected transmuting them from Aether to form.

The Star is not the “Creator.” Instead, she is the Process of creation. Notice how her head is penetrating the sphere above her while she releases human shaped stars into the sphere of energy below her. She cuts through perception! She is awareness incarnate. She understands that in order to dream a new reality for herSelf that she must actively follow her intuition and insight home.

This iteration of The Star embodies the NeterSelf apart from the unique realities she brings into being. She is the space in-between the raw, tough lessons of initiation and the beginning of a new unknown cycle. She asks the question: “Why do you look up to the evening sky for stars to wish upon? Instead, look inward, you might be surprised what you find.”

Check out more on the Black Flame Tarot HERE.

Darkest Regards,

Nikoletta Winters

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