Yesterday, I made use of the Fool’s energy, by harkening back to my first foolish adventure on April 1st, 2005. Without that night, I wouldn’t be who I am today. The Remanifestation of that Fool into the present sent me on a wonderful and strange journey over the weekend.

Friday, I did recon on the U of A. The library and student union feel like places that get tons of foot traffic. I plan to drag my body to one of those two places this Thursday to work on my FTRs (free readings through email) and offer up in-person readings to passerbys.

Saturday, I hit the productivity train hard and early. I woke up at 5am to read for a bit before falling back asleep for an hour. I got some drumming out of the way, and worked on Baguazhang forms for another hour after that. I showered and got a little more dressed up than normal to work on FTRs. On a whim, I checked the Internet for the next Psychic Faire date for April and discovered that it was occurring Sunday, April 1st. That was tomorrow! I made plans to go.

My productivity has been off the charts. Things I wouldn’t have done two months ago are a new normal for me. I’ve been a long time MMO player which I’ve used to help ease my mental state in some of the darkest days of my first fool’s errand (transition). I am a creature of strict routine, and between maintaining steady employment for most of my adult life, and making schedules events in online games I’ve been able to fill the gaps between my big projects, albums, theatre commitments, etc. etc. My energies have always been directly pointed towards my transition before everything else, which is only laudable because not because of what I was doing but because of the tenacity and endurance it took to undertake that task over a long period of time. I love a good grind.

In a lot of ways, I feel as though being so hyper focused on one thing for so long has made many other things in my life suffer. Things such as communication ability, emotional work, and maturity. Alxemy (or the process of creating personal change through Xem) absolutely works, but using it for a single process over a long period of time can prove dangerous to other aspects of the Self that would’ve normally gotten the attention they required to develop on their own.

If you would’ve told me a few months ago that a back-burnered visual novel idea would’ve brought me to another Fool’s moment I wouldn’t have believed it. The research required for that story has been of a much greater magnitude than I expected. The trajectory of the process so far has looked like this:

I want to write a visual novel on the tarot and Metacommunication >>> start researching tarot >>> start doing readings online to understand the character I was developing >>> hit first wall >>> decided to supplement tarot study with NLP >>> begin to find genuine enjoyment in the tarot, I consider what I could do with it >>> abandon visual novel >>> begin reading for people in-person >>> hit wall >>> begin researching sales.

It’s strange how something like researching the tarot has led me to branching out into fields I normally wouldn’t take interest in. Fields that are arguably much more valuable to me, in general, than the tarot itself. I mean, my study of NLP and business can be applied to many other things that I care about.

I took a long walk on Saturday to clear my head. I have cautiously decided that I want to be ready by the end of the year to have some sort of business structure in place for myself. I feel incredibly compelled to jump in RIGHT NOW, but if I do I will be Remanifesting the same cycle of success (or lack thereof) that I have had as a musician with my post-record deal solo projects. I must mindfully consider what I don’t know about business and use this current developmental phase to go forth and apply concepts I’m learning about to maximize my opportunities. I want to be successful with whatever it is I try to do with all of this. I don’t want to continually fail over and over again.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 1st, both Easter and April Fools Day was a day filled with immense power for me. I got dressed up again to do work I found meaning in. It was almost like I was playing a new character in an exciting new MMO, only this time I was grinding for something that would directly benefit me.

I took my skinny Akhenaten looking ass to the Psychic Faire. I asked questions, shook hands, and got names. I frightened myself. I wasn’t aware that I had it in me. What’s more, is I wrote back “thank you” emails to everyone I had met. My presence, for better or for worse, is now a quantity in my local community.

I’ve had a free audio book to choose from on Audible for quite some time. This morning, whilst listening to some useless lore on the Earth War in 20th Century Fox’s Alien franchise, I took it upon myself to finally make a choice. I decided to choose a book that I would listen to again and again. Something that would benefit and add to my situation as opposed to waste my time. Yeah, I could’ve gone for another Dune novel, but I decided to give Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” a try.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Xeper through Aletheia!

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