Going Dark for Neon Metal

I’m going to first start off by saying that over the last month I have been completely consumed by a project that needed to get done. I decided to buckle down and reduce my social media intake for the by 100% during this time. The result was putting the finishing touches on my Neon Metal project Virtual Intelligence’s “Singularity Now: The Future Worlds of Yesterday” album. It’s been over two years since I last released a new album so I felt it was time to get up off my ass and finish cranking it out.

What is Neon Metal?

A postmodern fusion of science fiction/future oriented electronica and symphonic metal. The process of writing Neon Metal begins either on a piano and/or in a digital audio workstation and adds additional live instruments after that first step. I chose the word “Neon” to describe Vi’s brand of metal as it is often paired with the cyberpunk genre of fiction.

Other bands and musicians have touched on this concept in the past. Pretty Maids’ song “Future World” and The Kovenant’s “Nexus Polaris” and “Animatronic albums come to mind as possible sources of inspiration for this–but in an effort to zero in on exactly what my music embodies I needed to find a term that can help to classify what I’m doing musically with Vi.  I’ve always had a difficult time describing my music with Virtual Intelligence to listeners. I originally framed it to be an electronic only project, but after completing work on my “f AI t h” album in 2013 I began to feel as if adding a metal element would be beneficial to the overall feel of the music. I already had certain elements from Black Metal in my music, but it felt like something was still missing.

Make no mistake–Neon Metal is metal first and foremost. While Neon Metal may have elements of EBM or electronic dance music, trance, and sometimes no guitars at all, songs are written with a proclivity for arranging songs in a metal sense. As someone who grew up listening to the likes of Malice Mizer, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Darkthrone, The Kovenant, Kraftwerk, and Sisters of Mercy writing songs in this way makes the most sense to me.

To see more about Virtual Intelligence pop on over to gothicelectric.bandcamp.com to give a listen to our mini album “Interface to God” and our first album “f AI t h.” There are also more details about our latest album “Singularity Now: The Future Worlds of Yesterday” arriving on 10/16.

For an extended biography, photos, and other jazz head on over to www.gothicelectric.com

Going Dark for Neon Metal

Saturnalian Echo Chamber

“No true orientation in life is possible without both pleasant and unpleasant sensations.” —P.D. Ouspensky

I’ve been growing more and more skeptical of everything as of late. I question everything—it’s exhausting…and fruitful. I am constantly restless. I am hungry.

Where was I this time last year? Not here.

I want to look at the facts. What does it mean for something to be factual? What is a fact? Are facts merely the things that happened—or is there something more that makes them facts? Facts are derived from truth. Facts are something known to be true—verified through observation.

What does it take to make a truthful, and honest observation? Experience to know better not to lie? How do we accumulate experience?

Flesh + Time = Experience.

What does it mean to scrutinize everything under an intellectual lens? Can everything that we interact with, in the scope of the Objective Universe, be explained with a propensity for the scientific?

We like the echo chamber because it is pleasing for us to hear the things that we agree with. Does agreeable also mean pleasant? Happiness is derived through the pursuit of values which we perceive to be preserving of life. Cruelty is always up for adoption.

Lining up the entirety of the things I have encountered in my lifetime, there is nothing that I haven’t been able to explain. My eyes report what I see. My ears, what I hear.

Dreams are the truest anomalies.

How do I learn to understand the person I have become? Through love and rational apprehension.

Actual magic is only tangible so long as it produces tangible results.


Saturnalian Echo Chamber