Sister Darkness, Brother Blackness 

I had weird dreams and a donkey sighting this morning already. There was pancake smoke from the Kharga of western Massachusetts, and way too much sun for one day.

Let’s recreate an old classic with my old chum Crowley, because why not. Here’s pointing at you kid!!


Sister Darkness, Brother Blackness 

Best. Syllabus. Ever.

The long lost art of note-taking is still alive and well.

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tumblr_ngzqkl2VPm1t3i99fo4_1280In a recent residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts (great place, check it out!), our workshop leader had us do a daily exercise from cartoonist Lynda Barry: Divide the paper into four sections, label them Did, Saw, Heard and leave one open for a picture. In each quadrant, note down things we did, saw, and heard – and draw a picture.

It’s an exercise in observation, it’s fun, it’s a good free-write to get started on the page, and after about day three I stopped worrying about the quality of my drawing.

The exercise comes from Lynda Barry’s actual syllabus for her class at the University of Wisconsin, a nonfiction-driven cartooning class. And Barry’s whole syllabus, in more or less the form in which she issued it to her students, is also available as a book. Check out some selections from Syllabus over at Open Culture –…

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Best. Syllabus. Ever.

Charlotte Lips and the Smell of Mutation

Life is best when it’s ever-changing. Mutation smells wonderful. It makes me misty all over with the eyes of transformation. Charlotte lips. Bring out the self I never knew. She, the living energy that gives me a sense of “selfness” lies slightly below the heart. A cloud of darkness–she dictates my everything.

He is Leviathan. He is Set. She is Lilith. Babalon.

tumblr_njgjhxM9gA1unsh07o1_r3_540This week had regularity. It had the irregularity of chartreuse. Smiles. Emotions. Admiration and courage.

I can never bear children. Nor would I want to. I value my free time far too much. The last three weeks have awakened feelings inside of me I have never knew. It’s hard to resist smiling when a little one regards you with absolute joy. I’m learning to remember what it was like to see the appeal in otherworldly beauty. Am I exotic? Your children follow me with their eyes so you don’t have to.

Before, I was angry, and the questions never ceased. Did I ever belong? Darkness. Without abandon I ran into it. Cover every mirror. A thirty year nightmare. Awaken. Dirt drowns, lost within itself to funeral libations.

I remember when I was little. Beauty, so easily defined.

Reds–the framework. Black–the heart. Charlotte–the lips. Mutation–the self.

Charlotte Lips and the Smell of Mutation

Eating, Breathing, Living Your Art — TED talk with Dianna David

So what do you really want to do with your life? Write erotic Lovecraftian fan fiction? Paint cats in astronaut suits playing poker? Dance like a maniac? Play Satanic heavy metal?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: How do you pursue happiness? It’s simple really. Do the things you love. By doing so you’ll inspire others to do the same.

The Rules to Happiness!

1. Have Fun. Do things because you intrinsically want to do them. What would your five year old self think about what you’re doing now?

2. Have discipline and patience. The old platitude goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Manifesting your dreams requires time and positive energy. It requires you to stay motivated.

3. Perform. Share yourself to the world. Network. Get to know people on every level of your craft. Their experience can add to your own success. Listen to others who know more than you. Teach those who know less than you. Collaborate. Rid yourself of resentment for people living what you perceive to be your dream and live your dream.

4. Persevere. Never give up. Stay on target. When you fall, get back up. Failures are learning experiences. Rid yourself of fear.

Below is an amazing TED talk by Dianna David. It’s definitely worth your time.

Eating, Breathing, Living Your Art — TED talk with Dianna David