Danse de la Victoire

In two days time I will be headed to the future to transform myself. I’ll be six hours ahead, in a little city on the Mediterranean once founded by Phonecians. I’m going to be having an extensive procedure done which will further manifest my subjective self into the objective universe. It’s been about eight years since I put my mind on this goal and next week, I’ll be bringing into being.

When investing in your subjective self you need to pay yourself before you pay anyone else.

So what have you done for yourself today? Every goal requires not only careful planning, but the persistence and the motivation to not give up on what you truly intend for yourself.

If you want something bad enough it will happen. It takes real work. And if it doesn’t happen? You didn’t want it bad enough.

I had to laugh when I re-read Don Webb’s from “Uncle Setnakt’s Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path” this January and found a quote that was incredibly relevant to my current situation: “Maybe you’re going to start graduate school. Maybe it’s your thirtieth birthday. Maybe you’re about to move to Australia. Maybe you’re getting that sex change operation.” (Webb 90) Yep. Totally. Laughed at how relevant this was. Pick two guys. Pick two.

Stop being lazy. Go get what you want.

If you want something done there’s nobody that’s going to do it for you except yourself.

Xepera Xeper Xeperu.



Webb, Don. “Uncle Setnakt’s Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.” Smithville: Rûna-Raven Press, 1999. Print.

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  1. Michael says:

    Nice blog.

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  2. Thanks for joining the victory dance.


  3. G. B. Marian says:

    I sincerely hope your transformation was successful, and that it fulfills everything you’ve worked for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far so good. And thank you. This is the start of a wonderful new journey.

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